SASE Slurry Management Solutions

SlurrySep Floc

Slurry Separator

SlurrySep works by using chemical components to separate and suspend

solids allowing water to freely seep through the Slurry Bag for clean,

environmentally friendly disposal or even reuse!




SlurryDry SSG

Slurry Dry

SlurryDry works by accelerating the evaporation time, transforming slurry

into a dry, solid immediately ready for environmentally friendly disposal.




SlurrySafe AR

Slurry Cleaner

SlurrySafe AR works by neutralizing the pH of slurry as well as breaking

it down, allowing tooling and equipment to be cleaned with a

100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly product.




Slurry Dewater Filter Bags

Slurry Bag

Slurry Dewater Filter Bags work in conjunction with SlurrySep Floc to separate the liquids from the solids by suspending the slurry bags so the liquids can filter through leaving mostly solids in the Slurry Bag. Then SlurryDry SSG is used to accelerate the evaporation time, transforming slurry into a dry, solid. The Slurry Bags are simple and easy to use and take the headache out of dealing with slurry!




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