Concrete Dust Extractors

Bull 1250 EBS Propane

The SASE Bull 1250 EBS Propane is a propane powered, industrial dust extractor allowing operation without the hassle of power cords. Like all SASE Bull dust extractors, it is constructed of heavy gauge steel, making it the most durable industrial dust extractor in the industry. The Bull 1250 EBS Propane is powerful enough to handle the work load of any industry floor grinder.

Technical Data


  • Required Circuit: Propane
  • Motor Output: 8.5 HP (6.3 kW)
  • Airflow: 388 cfm
  • Lift: 132 in (3352 mm)
  • Machine Weight: 696 lbs (316 kg)
  • Dimensions (L x H x W): 62 x 71 x 30 in (1575 x 1803 x 762 mm)