SHG 270

Single Head 110 volt / 20 Amp Floor Grinder

Grind, prep and remove coatings with a compact, easy to transport machine that operates on 110 volts!


The SASE SHG 270 is perfect for residential applications and hard to reach areas on any job site. It also has a folding frame and detachable head making it easy to get in and out vehicles and up and down stairs.






Item Number: SAS.SHG270

RPM: 1440 RPM

Motor Output: 1.5 kw / 2 HP

Required Circuit: 110 volt / 20 Amp

Machine Head: Single Head (holds 3 or 6 tools)

Grinding Width: 11" (270mm)

Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)

Grinding Pressure: 90 lbs (41 kg)

Dimensions (L x H x W): 27 x 16 x 42 in (710 x 420 x 1100mm)




• Single head, 110 volt / 20 amp floor grinder perfect for concrete grinding, preparation and coatings removal

• Small rugged frame allows for operating in hard to reach areas

• Grind right up to the wall due to pivoting frame and convertible velcro shroud

• Connects to SASE Bull 240 EBS dust extractor for 99.99% dust free, OSHA compliant concrete grinding

• Utilizes SASE Quick Change System (QCS) and all SASE diamond tooling

• Folding frame and detachable head allows for easy and compact transportation

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